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PhotoGPSEditor   (Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6; donationware)
Do you want to edit meta-data (latitude and longitude, location, description, and notes) of photo (JPEG, RAW or Tiff) files? Do you wish to change all the names of your photo files at once? Do you have GPS track-data (gpx of NMEA) for trips on which you took photos? If you do then PhotoGPSEditor from MMISoftware may be the answer.

PhotoGPSEditor is an easy to use meta-data editor for photo files, plus it can match data from GPS (gpx or NMEA) files. The program is freeware, however, financial contributions can be made to help support future development.


Alternatively, by signing up for services or buying goods through TrialPay you can help support the future development of PhotoGPSEditor.


(At TrialPay you can sign up for goods and services and MMISoftware receives money to help support future development projects.)

With PhotoGPSEditor you can add location and summary details to a photo file. Location information consists of latitude and longitude data, as well as town, area/region, and country. This can be added automatically by matching up photos with GPS (gpx or NMEA) file track data, manually (just type it in) or 'automatically' by placing a pointer on a map to get the latitude and longitude data. The program can then add town, area/region, and country information. This process can also be described as 'geocoding' a picture/photo.

Summary information can be added by typing it in!

The program is ideal for geocoding photos with 'Places' information before importing in to iPhoto.

PhotoGPSEditor also allows meta-data to be edited in single or multiple photo (JPEG/RAW/Tiff) files at once.

Further information on 'meta-data' and geocoding.

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